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    Are you looking for ways to boost your business revenue and cater to a premium consumer base in the hemp industry? The answer might be in delta 8 THC.

    How would delta 8 THC improve your business? Because delta 8 THC's popularity is rising rapidly. So much so that you can get ahead of the game by offering these high potency delta 8 THC gummies wholesale to your consumers, knowing that you aren’t sacrificing quality, transparency, or compliance when doing so.

    Despite all the amazing innovations in today’s hemp edibles market, gummies remain the industry standard. Customers are still going crazy for these delectable cannabinoid-rich treats. And we’re not just talking about CBD gummy bears. Indeed, starting a few years ago, there has been a significant push for delta 8-infused gummies.

    Short for delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol, delta 8 is a hemp cannabinoid closely related to the infamous delta 9 THC. Although delta 8 is slightly psychoactive, it’s not banned under US federal law. As long as you’re working with a trusted hemp vendor like Southern Pearl, you shouldn’t worry about compliance issues.


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